How To Connect a DAC?

I have a NODE 3.  The two RCA Analog Out connectors go to my R and L powered/active speakers.  The Analog Sub Out RCA has a splitter, with each side going to a powered/active sub.  This is a mono signal and connects to the R side of each sub.

I’m looking to buy a separate DAC.  Most have XLR R and L Analog Outs, and RCA R and L Analog Outs.  I’m wondering how I would connect my speakers and subs.  My best guess is using 2 RCA splitters, I would connect one splitter to the R Analog Out to the R speaker and Sub 1 RCA R input.  The other splitter would connect the L Analog Out to the L speaker and Sub 2 L input.

Any thoughts?






Minnesota is a bit of a hotbed for audio manufacturerers.

You should be able to find a good shop in the twin cities.
I know a few people around Duluth and Millacs lake.


Oh, I’m in Duluth.  But I don’t know anyone who has expertise in audio.  We have a Best Buy, but I don’t think they have a music listening setup.

@tcotruvo ,

”I am cautiously optimistic that a separate DAC will sound better.”


IME yes an outboard dac can make a substantial difference to the one in the Bluesound. Although I’m sure not SOTA a went up in my mind a few notches with the Musician Aquarius. System changer in my system. Didn’t expect that at all.

only streaming device I have is the Node 2 and it recently died. Only vinyl and cds for me for the foreseeable future.

Oh, I’m in Duluth. 

I know ~50+ people in Duluth, but none to my knowledge are into this stuff.

But you can stop at the donut shop in Hinckley on your way to the cities. 😉

Here’s what Topping technical assistance recommended:

‘You could use the XLR output of the D90SE to the subwoofers. 1 subwoofer be connected to R and the other to L”

Then I would connect the active/powered speakers to the R and L RCA outputs on the DAC.