How to clean vol pot of ARC LS15


My ARC LS 15 crackles when I adjust the volume. I removed the volume knob, took off the cover hoping to clean the vol pot inside. But it appeard that it is sealed and I cannot get into it. I tried pouring a little of Caig Deoxit and turning the vol knob 10 times in each direction but to no avail. Although there is less crack;e it is still there

Any advise would be appreciated.
There is no "pot" in the LS15. The knob you turn is simply a switch that selects different value resistors to control the attenuation.

Take it in for a check up.
...and those ARC units that do have actual mechanical volume controls use the Alps Blue pot and they are sealed. If the pot gets noisy, it would have to be replaced. Daniel, is the noise on one channel only, and at the same point every time you turn the volume up?