how to clean vinyl lp with glue dirt

its all my own fault , can't blame my VPI 16.5 record clean machine , did not replace in time the drying tube with the velvet lips .Saw after cleaning 3 lp 's at both A and B sides at the same place in the first track a small glue ring ,noticed after hearing the cleaned record during a few seconds distortion . After this distortion all tracks no problem .After noticed the problem , cleand the needletip with alcohol and needletip cleaner . How can I clean the track with the glue , I 'm afraid the dirt is also in the groove and not only at the top of the groove. Any helpfull hints would be appreciated .
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First thing I would try is a dilution of denatured alcohol (only, not isopropyl) at about 1:10 with water and a drop or two of dishwashing fluid (surfactant) and scrub gently with a record brush, camel hair paint brush, microfiber cloth, etc. and then rinse, clean and dry as usual.

Should take care of it.

By the way, if you don't have any denatured alcohol handy, use premium vodka - basically the same thing...

Good luck.


Find someone with an ultrasonic cleaner that you can use. That might save those records. Then consider switching to one of your own for the benefit to all your records. Cheers,
You're going to laugh, but, wood gluing that side of the record would remove the glue ring and the dirt in the track. It does work, although most won't go for it.

other versions (solutions)of the wood glue bit!

one is from australia

I recently noticed my Linn Basik manual (from Vinyl engine or someplace) says to simply use the needle to clean your records while playing them. I use a Spin Clean (an Okki Nokki is in my near future) though, but still, a pretty funny suggestion.
julian vereker of naim was opposed to record cleaning.the diamond digs out the dirt and you clean the stylus with a matchbook cover! once i was at a high fi show and a typical flat earth linn naim dealer cranked a naim amp -pre up to 100db and cleaned the stylus with  the official  flat earth matchbook strip with a dozen people in the room! yes, that was the flat earth dealer attitude back then!