How to clean RCA inputs and outputs?

In the past few months I have purchased used audio equipment from AudioGone, AudioWeb, and eBay. All vintage from '70s & '80s. Almost all input and output jacks are covered with a dirty film, grunge, or slight corrosion, especially the unused RCA jacks. What is the best method and cleaner to safely use? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
Both Cramoline and Kontac have been used by many audiophiles over the years, and both have their advocates. There is also another "system" that I got from Audio Ideas Guide magazine that works well -- it involves using a cleaner called "TPC" ("The Perfect Connection" -- it looks a bit like a Handi-Wipe towelette) in combination with a plastic RCA jack that you insert into the component's RCA jack and then rotate the plastic jack, thereby scrubbing the surface of the component's jack.

Audio Ideas Guide magazine sells the cleaner and a pair of plastic RCA jacks for a modest price -- and you may also be able to acquire it from AudioAdvisor or a similar online audio retailer.
I also use the RCA jack cleaner tool that, Scott mentions above, along with contact cleaner that I got from Sonic Frontiers-- both the cleaner and tool seem to work well. Good Luck. Craig
Use a pencil eraser.
Give those conections some vitiams !!!! Tea Tree Oil !!! You find it in the vitiam section at Walmart. A small bottle is around $ 4.00. It will amaze you, it cleans everything like new. I use it on the pins of new and old tubes. Really makes a difference you can hear. I clean all the connections in my system about every six months with this stuff.

Try it, you will like it!

Good Connections to everyone.
I like Caig ProGold from Not only does it clean the contacts, it leaves a thin protective coating.
Go to home depot in the electrical section. They have some contact cleaner in a blue can. It is $6 and leaves no residue. Spray some on a towel and wipe away. It works great... You don't want products that leave a residue.. it attracts dirt.
(1) do NOT use an eraser. That will remove plating; that's much too abrasive.
(2) Pick a nice non-residue contact cleaner such as Kontact or Audioquest Ultraconnect.
(3) Get some pipe cleaners & cut into thirds. Did the pipe cleaner into the solvent & clean off the grunge. Repeat using a clean pipe cleaner. Pipe cleaners are mildly abrasive & will help to scrub off the dirt & oils. Remember your AC connections & speakers as well - clean *everything*!

Refer to this great link @Galan Carol Audio for more specifics in great detail.