How to clean pots and switches properly?

I got a good deal on a vintage Yamaha cr-420 receiver on ebay for a second A/V system..

THis is a very nice sounding vintage receiver and I am very pleased with the sound, including phono section, but I think the pots need cleaning. When I power up, the left side crackles and the right side does not cut in until the volume is increased. Once things warm up, the volume control seems to operate fine.

What's the right way to clean the switches and pots as needed?

Also, after tuning a channel, I've noticed that FM stereo typically will not activate until I depress and release the fm stereo button, which does not seem normal to me. IS there anything that can be done about this?

Other than these two quircks, the Yamaha has really impressed me (as I recall from many years ago) as one of the better sounding receivers I've heard.
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Approx. a year ago I removed the case to change the lights in my Marantz 2270.
I also had some of the same problems as you. I tilted the receiver to one side and emptied about 1/4 can of Radio Shacks zero residue cleaner on everything. No problems since.
Good point.

I've seen similar accumulations of cleaner inside cabinets on other components.

I did a quick spray cleaning of the controls with some radio shack cleaner/lubricant gunk without having to open the thing up.

It's only been running now for a few days, and the problem seems to be diminishing as I treat it, but I will probably pull it and open it up for a checkout at some point soon if things do not clear up completely.

I'm determined to get this Yamaha receiver running cleanly upon start up because once it gets warmed up and settled, it really sounds quite wonderful matched with my Triangle Titus speakers and M&K sub in my 2 channel A/V system.

I don't recall my Dual 1264 with Goldring MM cartridge ever sounding better, even with my old Tandberg TR2080, which is a very highly regarded vintage receiver. I hadn't been inclined to use it much for years given my main far I'm finding it to be a most pleasant surprise given the marginal cost of acquiring the Yamaha. CAble TV and DVD sound is also at least as good as I've heard on this setup with the Yamaha.

I also still have a late 80's vintage Yamaha cassette deck that has served well without issue when called upon over the years.
Once things warm up, the volume control seems to operate fine.

This does not sound like a pot. I would suspect power supply rail caps more than pots in this instance.

I took the cover off yesterday, cleaned and lubed what I could, wiped whatever I could clean, and blew lots of dirt and dust out with compressed air.

It's working pretty good now.