How To Clean Piano Black Speaker Finish?

What do you use to clean your speakers Piano black finish?  I am using a slightly damp microfiber cloth.  So far, in 2 years, no scratches.  Is there an easier way to keep them clean?  I have used a very clean wool duster a couple of times but it doesn't help fingerprints like when I move them.  Anyone?
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Showing 2 responses by sejodiren's not rocket science folks.  The speakers are not outside,  they will not have any bonded contaminants.  So DON"T use clay.  Use some Mequiars Ultimate Quick Wax and a quality microfiber.  That's it. Polish in the same direction....back and forth, not circular.  You won't see swirl marks unless the sun is reflecting off them through a window.  It's paint and basic paint care is pretty simple on a new finish.  
'speaker wraps'.....oh, the horror!  Great points you make.....