How To Clean Piano Black Speaker Finish?

What do you use to clean your speakers Piano black finish?  I am using a slightly damp microfiber cloth.  So far, in 2 years, no scratches.  Is there an easier way to keep them clean?  I have used a very clean wool duster a couple of times but it doesn't help fingerprints like when I move them.  Anyone?
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Best way to keep piano finishes looking great is to not contaminate them with fingerprints or other contaminants in the first place. Your speaker finish will never need more than a dusting if you are careful. Whenever I have to move my speakers (which is hardly ever), I put on the white gloves that came with my Prima Luna preamp. This avoids getting fingerprints on the finish. You can use something similar. After that, only a light pass with a feather duster keeps my Tritons looking brand new.