How to Clean Creek 5350 SE Integrated Amp

Hi Folks,

I have been reading through older threads about the drop out and static issues that the Creek 5350 SE amp seems to have.

Seems like this is my situation as well.
Looks like my first step should be cleaning the ribbon connector pins (and everything else whilst I'm under the hood) to see if that fixes the problem before sending it off somewhere.

I'm excited that people here have had good results this way and that the amp tends to sound better than before, so I am eager to try.

My question then, is , how should I do this? Q-tips? Cloth? What sort of fluid?
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I had the same problem. Just a simple cleaning with Q tips and alcohol should be more than enough.
Another post that didn't show up. A few hours ago I posted a response but don't see it. Anyway, I had the same issue. A Qtip and some alcohol should take care of everything. Whatever you do, don't get rid of it. I sold mine and it was a big mistake. I've tried a bunch of integrateds in the same price range and nothing even comes close to the Creek.
Oh really? Thank you for posting (and for taking the trouble to post again when the first didn't "stick"!).
Glad to know that it can be attended to with regular stuff.
I will give it a go and report back. Keeping fingers crossed that the issues will resolve this way w/o needing to send it off for a bigger fix.