How to clean CDs

I was trying to clean a CD with my old Discwasher manual cleaner, and the thing came apart while I was using it, which left a glue-like deposit on the CD. I would imagine the deposit would come off with some kind of mild solvent, but I have an idea (from where I don't know) that solvents kill CDs. However, soap and water didn't do the job, and this is an out of print CD that seems relatively unavailable at the moment (otherwise I wouldn't care). Anybody got any great ideas how to clean this?
Try the discwasher fluid, if it disolved it once it should do it again.
I use what is called “Goo Gone”, which cost 3 to 4 dollars in most hardware stores such as Menards. This safely removes adhesives and sticky gook from everything I’ve used it on. It’s super for removing sticky labels from CD's and cases, crayon marks and many more uses. It has removed things I thought would never come off. It only takes a little then gently wipe off with a clean paper towel.
Musical Therapy - I tried the Goo Gone and it worked beautifully. Many thanks.

ART/Yamamura Q-151.