How to clean and polish MC275?

I have had the tube cage on my McIntosh MC275 MKIV for a few months now. I removed it today and found a thin layer of dust had settled under there. A wipe with a soft cloth has removed most of it but there is still a somewhat sticky remainder that requires some forceful rubbing to remove. Is there a safe product or way to clean this to regain its mirror finish? Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Windex works on mine.
Don't use chrome cleaner,or car wax/polish.The big majority of it has an abrasive polish,that will leave swirl marks,and haze.There are supposed to be non abrasive waxes,but I don't know any to recommend,and you probably don't need any.Be careful when cleaning over the silk-screened writing.It doesn't take much effort to rub it off.Cloth dampened with water should work.I haven't tried Windex,and it may be an option if water doesn't remove it.
Start with a can of compressed air.After that theres dozens of idea's I wont bore you with,B
I use Nevr-Dull by Eagle One (Wal-Mart auto section). It is a wad-type cleaner that works beautifully on my Quicksilvers' nickel finish. I belive it works on chrome as well and will not scratch or haze over.
Flitz metal polish is great for finer finishes. Use a microfibre cloth along with it. Or to be extra safe contact mcintosh has alwasy been really good about answering questions.
Thanks all! McIntosh Labs also suggested Windex. It worked great.
I have had excellent results with Windex. I would not risk using any type of paste metal polish. It could remove the silk screened writing on the chasis.

By the way McIntosh uses windex at their factory.