How to clean Analysis Plus T1 spades ?

The T1 spades on my Oval 9 speaker cables are starting to look that dirty oxidized way that silver gets over time. Anybody have a good way to clean them without screwing up the sound?
Look at They have a number of contact cleaners and conditioners. Most of the staff there are audiophiles and you can call them and see what they recommend.
While not specifically talking about Analysis Plus connectors, try some Caig Pro-Gold on an abrasive cloth. If you like, you can buy pre-made Pro-Gold wipes, but they are pretty expensive for what you get. Caig Deoxit on abrasive cloth may also work pretty decently and be even cheaper.

As a side note, silver oxide is extremely conductive, so even if you've let this go longer than you would have liked, it's still probably making a very good connection. Sean
I cleaned the spades with xxxx steel wool followed by Caig de-ox it and then pro-gold. They look like new now. While I was at it, I cleaned all the speaker/amp connections and the rag was very black with residue after. Hooked everything back up and noticed a nice improvement in clarity in the highs and a reduction in grain. Could be the placebo affect, but who cares. BTW, the steel wool should only be used if U have unplated connectors as this will remove the finish. Thanks all for the suggestions.
I use a silver polishing cloth to clean the ends on my
Cardas cables when they become oxidized. These cloths can be purchased at WalMart, Target, and jewerly stores. The dirtier it gets the better it cleans.

happy listening
I was told by a maker of silver connectors to clean with a small soft rag using Brasso, then wipe clean with iso alcohol, then coat with ProGold.