How to choose cables for my system

Hello all I would need advice on cables for my system. I just bought today a pair of B&W 803d that will work with a MC252 and a MX130 (both McIntosh came as gift-am a lucky guy!). I have no cables for the speakers, nor to connect the Mcs and the cd player (a veteran Yamaha CDX 1060). Am also new to the US so kindly help me make the system play. Would like to contain costs at reasonable levels/beginner. Am listening jazz, reggae, classical and any other good stuff.
Many thanks in advance for your suggestions and best wishes
I would suggest DiMarzio M-path interconnects and Super M-path speaker cables. You can find them on and on DiMarzio website though I am not sure that he sells directly. That's under $1000 for all cables. They are very good, I use M-path interconnect.
There are also much cheaper cables sold here on Audiogon: Anti-Cables, JW Audio, Mogami and others.
DiMarzio cables are made mostly for professional applications and should work well with just about any equipment and speakers.
Just remember that you don't want cables to be longer than needed. You might also want to try some aftermarket power cords.
Yes you can try pro audio speaker cables and inerconnects for the start.Let say "van damme",if you want more bass and more power choose thicker cable and interconnects
I would suggest going to Radio Shack / Best Buy or similar to get low cost cables and interconnects to get you started playing music. Listen for a while (weeks) and then look here on the 'gon for used cables and interconnects within your budget. Listen and keep if you like, resell with little or no loss if you don't.
There is no way to find out which cables you will like in your system without actually trying them. If you do not want to buy and sell cables to find the ones you like I recommend The Cable Company. They can recommend a variety of cables and loan them to you, so you can find the right cable. Once you try the cable loaning program you will understand the importance of it.
Extavoganza's "if you want more bass, try thicker cables and interconnects" is completely bogus. Get some used Audioquest (or Best Buy/Radio Shack) within your budget and you'll be completely happy.
He doesn't want to play with cables at the moment. He is new to the US and has more important things to do. The man just wants good relatavely inexpensive cables to start playing music. To set it and forget it for at least couple of years.
In any case, new and often used cables too need break-in time to sound best. Don't judge the cable's performance based on how it sounds first 50-100 hours though good cable will not sound like junk even the first minute of play. Some cable manufacturers, like Purist Audio, say 200 hours is needed for a cable to open up completely. I am sure it varies from brand to brand and perhaps even from model to model.
Generic 12 gauge speaker wire for about $.40 a foot will be indistinguishable from anything at the same gauge unless you know what you're listening to and the placebo effect can work its magic.

Generic interconnects work the same way. I spend at little more for $1.55 total per 3' interconnect as insurance against galvanic corrosion with gold plated RCA jacks.

Or concede that it's guy jewelry, costs less than anything with a motor, and buy whatever looks nicest.

If you want better sound invest some time in speaker + listener placement (which may not meet spousal approval), acoustic treatments, or more accurate speakers.
Many thanks all for your quick feed back. My system is back to life and so am I, spent the whole MLK's week end home revisiting my beloved music. Couldn't have been better to celebrate such a landmark anniversary.
Wishing you all the very best