How to check original vs. reissue?

It seems pretty straightforward and I haven't had much trouble identifying original pressings against reissues, but I recently bought a Stevie Ray Vaughan album, which I was convinced was an original pressing. I already owned a copy of the album, which I was sure was a reissue as I bought it shrink-wrapped. When I compared the two, they looked identical with the exception of a slight variation on the label next to the punch hole (FE/AL, FE/BL vs. E/AL, E/BL) and some variance in the inscriptions on the dead wax. Is there a way to verify whether a record is an original pressing? It's relatively easy with records released in '60s and '70s, but might be a bit more difficult with more recent releases. Btw, the record is "Couldn't Stand the Weather."
Thank you for any advice.
There must be some of those vinyl/analog only sights that can help you out.
The issue raised is vexing and not easily answered.
Some lables had a reasonable means to tell originals from reissues, like many Jazz labels up to the 80's.. Columbia up to 1959, then around 1968 or so changing the lable design..
But now it is nearly impossible as far as I know to really have a clear grip on which item is a reissue or original.
For early RCA, a whole book (now out of print and fabulously rare) was written, for Many labels a general set of guides can be found in Goldmine books of price guides for Jazz and general price guide. With years of use for various labels.
But now most reissues are using the original lable design, and no one can tell what is what.

One other thing was the inclusion or lack of a bar code dated the item to post 1908 something for inclusion of a barcode. But that too is being ignored by reissues, and some do not have the barcode on the items.


scroll down to versions .....
I believe the serial number stamped near the label, or the number on the label, can give you some information. Thicker vinyl(assuming it's not an audiophile recording)is another indication of the original. An example would be "Elephant Mountain", by the Youngbloods, where there are at least 3 versions. The first, by far the best sounding-and hard to find, is the thickest.
Thank you all for your input, especially Jarraa for the link; the site is a great resource.

Regarding the record I asked about, I actually was lucky enough to find the answer on eBay. A seller posted a very detailed description of it, including information on the dead wax. Apparently, the original pressing has "Sterling" stamped and "1-AA" inscribed on the dead wax. The record I got has both, while the copy I thought was a reissue does not have the Sterling stamp, and has "2-A" inscribed rather than "1-AA." Interestingly, I could not find my reissue isted on discogs, even though there are quite a few of them.