how to change tubes on a Ayon CD-5

Does anyone have the you tube link showing how to take the top off of the player to get to the tubes or can you just tell me how to do it- thanks
If you can't figure out how to do this, I would think twice about taking it apart. If they didn't include that info in the manual, it may be difficult.

If you are in a situation where your have no choice, then try the following. I'm pretty sure that your CD-5 is made out of aluminium and you can't see any screws when you look at the unit. You probably have to flip it over and start there. Either the bottom will come off and that will allow you to access the screws that hold down the top plate, from the inside; or. If its not done that way, still flip it over. There may be threaded rods that you access from the bottom and that is what holds the top in place. You may have to remove the feet to find them. If not under the feet, then most likely the rods will be in the corners.
If you flip it over, there are allen screws that are accessed from the bottom. You will need a long allen wrench and insert it into the holes on the bottom to loosen the screws that hold the top plate on.
Kingstyles, are you going to tell the rest of how to change the tubes?, there is more, I have heard about there is more to this, I have not done this yet, in a couple of months I will thou,I will be changing the stock tubes to the 1980 P-DR supper tubes, or should I say super exspensive tubes!LOL! cheers!