how to change the tonearm cable?

I have an old Thorens TD160 with Sumiko MMT arm. I am going fully balanced for vinyl and want to change the tonearm cable to DIN-to-XLR. I am assuming this is simple to do, but I am not very technical and looking for a little info before I take the cover off the bottom of the table. Surprisingly difficult to find a simple "how-to" on this, even on the Thorens sites. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Jim
One needs patience and nimble fingers to swap tonearm wires. I have them and do not ever want to swap wires in a tonearm. The wires are VERY!! delicate, and hard to solder to the cart clips. Hard to get through the arm too. Make certain to use a wire or cord to go into the arm/through the arm when you pull out the old, so you can use the now in arm wire or cord to pull back the new wires. Or you are gonna be really mad at yourself.
IF you are patient and have a HOT soldering iron (and an exact wire cutter for those tiny ends..
And be handy with a couple of small pairs of needlenose pliers...
And leave more length than you think you need for the wires.. you may have to clip them off and start over once you are down to soldering the clips on.
Good luck
Im sure Cardas or one of the other cable manufacturers makes a plug in tonearm cable for your particular arm. Spend the money and avoid the hassle or possible damage to the arm wires.
Sumiko MMT has a DIN plug, so just take the bottom off the table, unplug the DIN to RCA cable, and plug in the DIN to XLR cable. Replace the bottom and you're done.

I'm with Elizabeth! This is a delicate operation!