How to change current version of amarra to 4319??

I keep reading that the older version of amarra (4319) sounds better. I did try to change to that version and was having problems. It kept asking for activation code.
any Ideas
Do a torrent search for Amarra with something like qbitorrent or vuze. Find whatever version you are looking for in the search results and download it.
You will need your activation code to load any new version. You will need a full Amarra license. If you forgot your code, email Amarra.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
I should have mentioned that. You aren't doing anything wrong. A lot of people have a negative association with torrents. You've already paid for the software and have a valid reason to do this.

Another option may be to contact Amarra. They may have older versions of the software on one of their servers for download. People needing older versions of software is very common.
The 4318 version is on their server and can be downloaded. I asked them to put it there. It is my reference.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
After you get this downloaded lets us know if you like it better
Thanks Steve
I tried using my activation code but could not get it to work
I'll try it again.
Same thing happened to me. Trying again won't help. I contacted Amarra and they fixed it.
You must enter the original password and then a new one each time, so you must keep track of the latest password.

Make sure you run the "clear configuration" app before installing the new version. It is in the "extras" folder.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
I had just downloaded the new version of 2.6 and I want to replace 2.3.3-4319. Now I have removed the new version from my MBP and trying to download 4319. But, I am unable to download becoz their website showing some error. Self has sent email to them and awaiting their respond. M/time, any one help me out how to get it? Possible provide me the screen short.

My package is Amarra (Not Amarra symphony or Hifi).