How to cable my DIP?

I've just added a new DAC (Classe')which I run balanced via AZ cables to my BAT VK3i. It has added a new dimension to my system while keeping the WAF of the CAL-10 which is now being used as a multi-disc transport. I have picked up a Monarchy DIP which only accepts a co-ax or toslink input. I will run the DIP to the Classe' via an AZ digital aes/ebu cable. My question is, with the digital magic going on in the DIP, does it matter what kind of co-ax I use, assumming that it would at least be a true 75 ohm (probably a Canare) cable?
I have a DIP feeding my MSB Link DAC III. I just use a cheap Radio Shack cable to connect the DVD player to the DIP and a pretty decent digital Monster Cable to connect the DIP to the DAC. I think it sounds great. As long as the good cable goes from the DIP to the DAC I think you'll be happy.
Tried many dig cables with the Dip. Canare, MSB cable, Monster, MIT, to name a few. I gave all these cables away after using the Kimber D60 and KS2020. The Dip is a great little dig processor that most likely will improve your sound from Transp to dac using just about any of the less expensive 75ohm dig cable like the Canare. But I found that the better dig cable like the D60 and even better KS2020 just pushes the envolope further. The cost of the cable will exceed the cost of the Dip. Is it worth it? To me, yes it was. I also use a Classe Transp and dac. The SuperDrive Dip is better than the reg Dip. The SuperDrive has the same Opt and RCA coax inputs but substitutes a BNC output instead of the AES Bal out on the reg Dip. They both also have the standard RCA coax out. The SD Dip adds 3db of gain only on the BNC out (said to be for long cable run up to 100ft but works good for 1m or like0. I use two Dips, one for the CD and another for my Satellite receiver with opt dig out. Here is where the bigger difference is found in using a Dip. Using the OPT out from the Sat receiver into the Dip and out of the Dip using a D60 into the Classe dac. The Dip converts the OPT out from the Sat receiver and sends the data to the Dac using the D60. This has enhanced the sound of the Sat system greatly. The Dip also has enhanced the Transp to dac, but only slightly. From Sat, the Dip has really showed it's magic. You milage will vary with what transport and dac will be used. The better the trans and dac, the less the Dip is going to do and guess to a point where it may be a step down. Using with a Link Dac, yes, the dip will help.
I had a DIP between my Classe DAC-1 and Classe CDT-1. I used Illuminations D-60 in and Orchid out. The combo worked quite well until I installed a P300. Then the DAC and CDT sounded better without the DIP. I believe that the conditioned power helped to lower the jitter further than the DIP could. Further improvements came after swapping out the Orchid for AT&T ST glass. Just my experience, your's will vary.