How to by amp or bridge Amps

I have to of the same whatt amps one pair of speakers. Only useing one but not enought power . Would like use the both,for more power , Do not know what wires and rca go where. Can't afford a mistake. Thanks chris Boca Raton FL
Hey Metaldaze,

Your screen name was obviously deftly chosen -- I find the irony "uncanny". However, in reading your post, I have to wonder just how much brain damage you've sustained. Perhaps you could tell the group what type of traumatic events caused your apparent inability to spell simple words, your improper use of upper- and lower-case letters, and the copious and grievous grammatical errors contained within your short post. I, for one, am curious as to the etiology for your condition.

If you have not yet completed 2nd-grade English, or if English is not your primary language, please accept my heartfelt apology for having misjudged you.

Here in this informal setting, it is not uncommon to encounter spelling and grammatical errors that are as ridiculous as they are gross -- but you, my befuddled friend, have lowered the standards of literacy to unprecedented depths. I congratulate you. :)

I'm afraid that I got sidetracked in my earlier post and forgot to answer your question. You have to read (get an interpreter if necessary) the owners manual that came with your particular amplifiers to see if they are in fact able to be bridged. If the method for bridging is not specifically spelled out, I would recommend that you contact the manufacturer directly before proceeding.
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Yes, you only forgot the "s" in the first word of your third sentence. Your first two sentences are short and to the point. Steven King makes it very clear that to be a good writer you must do away with wordiness. As mentioned above, proof read your third sentence and do away with those silly asterix thingies in the fourth sentence. Say what you mean. Also do not forget there should be a hyphon between the "k" and the "Y'", or you could just omit the whole phrase and put in "expletive deleted". Did you have a question about amplifiers. I seem to have missed the point and now I can't find it.
Plato is correct about one the manual and/or talk to the manufacturer before attempting to bridge an amp. You can also use two of the same amps without bridging, one for each speaker if the speakers are a biwire model. You could get more info from the regulars on this site if you were to list your amps, speakers and preamp. Good luck!
Metaldaze was just asking a question. For what reason do you have to belittle his English? There are many are not as fortunate enoughlike you (Plato).

What you wrote in your first post was the most insulting thing I've ever read on Audiogon.

Remember, this is a site where people from around the world share their passion. Please help if you can otherwise keep quiet if you have NOTHING NICE TO SAY!
Yes , I agree with " Insomnia"," Metaldaze" just want somebody can help!!
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For bi-amping, could help. For bridging, I strongly advise against personal intervention; ask the manufacturer as suggested above. Good luck!
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Can you guys imagine that asshole (Plato) was a past President of the NJ Audio Society and also writes for several audio journals??

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You can check this out on a forum on Audiogon titled "Who R U"

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John and All:

Perhaps my post was too insulting and too harsh, but it was just my honest, gut reaction to a poster who could not even take a minute or two to correct multiple obvious and serious mistakes in his post before posing a simple question. The guy's further idiotic replies to my initial post proved that I had him pegged exactly right.

I do not treat people poorly (not without being unduly provoked, anyway) and I think anyone who knows me will attest to that.

I apologize to those I've offended, but I will point out that those who attacked me for my post were no less harsh and offensive toward me. But I'm not about to whine like a baby and start calling names in return. I have no time for such foolishness.

It is obvious to me that some at this site don't care one iota about their grammar or spelling, or how their posts will be perceived by the general public. Unfortunately, many people, including myself, find some of these posts that contain so many egregious errors, offensive to our sensibilities. Usually, I just have a good laugh about it and forget it, but this one time, the offenses were just too many and too blatant for me to contain my disgust -- and I had to vent. So again, I apologize to those who are offended. Is it elitist snobbery to have some basic standards? I think not.

I mean, could you imagine filling out a job application with that many errors???

Maybe this is shocking to some and perhaps it needs to be. Wake up and smell the coffee gents!
Well, Jimjensen if you want to know more about Plat, check out the forum titled "Who R U" on Audiogon.

Well Plato,Sorry for slamming you but I hope you should know why I did it. I know you post regularly here and look up to you but just SHOCKED to see the post you wrote.

Well, we all have good and bad days and you should know that all people are/were created equal. Mr. Metaldaze might one who does not speak and write well. That's his problem to deal with but WE the people who can help should encourage those who need it.

Just my 2 cents worth.

I understand the points that you and others have made here. In retrospect, I realize that I should have been more tactful and not sarcastic or condescending in my original response. Certainly arguments made in that fashion do more harm than good and I should know that by now.

My initial reply was a definite knee-jerk response and I can agree that it was too brutal and not what was called for in this situation.

So again, I apologize to all for my ill-considered brutality and especially to Chris/Metaldaze for singling him out as I did. Chris, I hope you will forgive me one day.

I am sometimes too quick to react and blurt things out and that may make me an A--hole in the eyes of some. I'm far from perfect, but I do admit it when I'm wrong.
It takes a real man to step up to the plate and admit he was wrong.. My respect for you has been restored Plato..