How to burn in both silver IC's & speakerwire?

I'm waiting for the arrival of a set of silver interconnects (homegrown audio supersilver) & a short run of custom braided bi-wire speaker wire. I've been told that these will need to be broken in. Should this be done by playing music or by using a burner? Are there any good DIY burner plans that work? Thanks in advance.
Trying to "burn" interconnects in via normal use within an audio system will never happen or let you hear their full potential. They would surely benefit from as much time as possible on a good quality cable burner.

As to speaker cables, i do not know of any commercial device that can burn them in better than what you can do within your system. One can create a speaker cable burner with the right equipment, but it is somewhat involved and i doubt if many people have the necessary equipment just laying around. Otherwise, i would suggest hooking the speaker cables up and playing as much music as loud as you can get away with : ) Sean
OK Sean, so I take that you don't like the Audiodharma cable cooker...

When are you marketing yours?
Sean, I will play the **** out of the speaker cables with loud music if thats all it takes. How about the IC's? What burner works? How about a DIY plan? Can a good used burner be had on the net ? Thanks. Psychicanimal, I didn't take the reply from Sean that he trashed the Audiodharma cable cooker. Just my opinion. Thanks.
Francisco, i did not "dismiss" the Audiodharma. The little that i do know about it though leads me to believe that it is not nearly as effective as a speaker cable burner as it would be as an interconect burner. This is simply my opinion and worth only the paper that it's printed on. Since there is NO paper on this forum, you get my drift : )

As to marketing my own, it's on my list of things to do. This process would be sped up if i just so happened to hit the "lottery" : )

As far as "cranking" the system, i think that this is about as good as it gets for speaker cable burn in at this time. That is, unless you have access to different test equipment, etc... Don't expect anything major overnight though. Your ears, amp and speakers would probably give out before the cables are close to being "settled in".

Bob Crump mentioned a way to do this using an old receiver on the Cable Asylum, but i don't think that it is as effective as the method that i have in mind. The only way that i would be able to verify this is to try them both side by side. Once again though, that would take time and money and i haven't hit the lottery yet : ) Sean
All that said, how can I burn in the cables? I would like to know if there is a kit or a source to build my own cable cooker or do I settle for a mfged one? I would consider a used unit. I will check into Cable Asylum also.