How to burn in a new pickup

Cut it be possible to burn in a new pickup just letting it play in the inner gove of a single for 5 days, or will et hurt the pickup, will there be at heat problem.

Don´t like the ide about the smal single because the inner grove the angle is not the bedst, but there are single the sides as normale record, the inner grove is the mittel of a normal grove, this sems to be at better ide?

just a idé what do you think?

To burn in a pickup. just drive it easy for the first 600 miles. Then change the oil and filter and it should last you 'couple hundred thousand more. :)

Ha..ha.. like that, thats right!

We just use the word Pickup for cartridge in Denmark, i know there is a Car with the same name.

I assume you mean an MC cartridge MMs don't need much "burn-in". And since the main object is to "exercise" the rubber suspension (rather than aligning the metal crystals in the coils as you do when you send current through cables) most people use the term break-in rather than burn-in.

I've concluded from my own and other's experience that most MC cartridges need 100 hrs +/_ to "limber up" the suspension. I also recommend that during this time, you set the VTF at least .20 gms over the maximum recommended tracking force. You won't hurt the cartridge and doing this insures the suspension has a linear K (or "springiness") throughout its normal operating VTF.

You can break-in a cartridge by just playing records for 100 hours (it's good to keep a casual log ;--) or if you're in a hurry, the Cardas test record has some tracks with locked grooves (they don't spiral) which you can run for 100 hours. The record is made using a specially hard vinyl for this purpose.

I don't recommend your idea of using the run-out spiral to do this because it doesn't subject the suspension to enough lateral modulation.
I am in the process of playing 100-300 LPs to help my Dynavector KaratD2 MII settle-in. I have been going through my collection in the process rekindling some old friendships and weeding out the les appreciated(most of the late 80's). They will soon be up for sale. Making room for the ever growing pile of goodies I can't stop buying. Coming full circle...just play music. Enjoy!
The Cardas record does have a burn in groove. I asked George Cardas about it and he recommended using it for about an hour after your cartridge is properly set up. After that he said play records and "save the cartridge for the music!!"
"We just use the word Pickup for cartridge in Denmark"

Thanks, Daemon. "Pickup" is used the same way here, too, although it has several other meanings. Thank you for being so good humored...I just couldn't resist.

The pain of cartridge breakin is not so great (although it is disconcerting to hear changes on something you just paid big money for)...I think just playing music with it will work as well as anything. Depending on the cartridge it will settle down after a few tens of hours.
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Why not just enjoy listening to music? I mean granted your cartridge may not be fully broken in, but I'm sure it'll sound pretty good. Why waste any of it's too short life being burned in on anything but music? Also there may be a phono burn in cd out there, butI don't know much about it. Perhaps others may? Happy listening!

I have a loot of humor "smokester" it´s okay for me some times i do the same like you, :-)

Mc cartrige are just like vin getting better the longer you have it, if it not cheap, but dont have it for long (the vine) but jeg have headacke in the morning for very.. very.. long time.

Don´t think it´s the vine, my wife maybe. She needs ad "burn in" in my Pickup and a filter and olie change later.

At the moment I am not "burn-in" or "breakning in" my "pickup" or "cartridge" at the way i ask, just want to know if anyone have a good way to do it.

It whas just a idé, what do you think? Question?