How to burn CD with CD text?

Does redbook CD support CD text? Almost all my SACDs display track names on my SCD-XA9000ES but none of my redbook CD does. Is it possible to burn a CD with CD text from a PC?
Yes. I have a redbook player, a Tube Technology CD64 that displays CD text on the few discs I have that are text encoded. As far as burning goes I have no idea.
My HP computer came with a program called "RecordNow" for burning CDs, music and otherwise. When pulling tracks from CDs to make a composite disk, it attempts to look up titles on the web. It then creates the new CD with CD Text.
I;m sure other copy programs can pull the same trick.
I've got the same cdp and it will display the text on a redbook cd if there is text. One such disc is Harry Connick's latest. Each song's title appears as the cdp starts playing it. I burned a copy of another disc last night using Nero Express but neglected to properly title each song so it comes up as unknown on the display. Can be done....
Just FYI, "Record Now" is a program by Veritas software. I have it on my IBM laptop - comes default. Seems like IBM & Veritas have a biz link-up. I really like the "Record Now" software. Each disc that I have burned w/ it, has come thru i.e. with about 40 or so discs (I'm mainly vinyl!) burned so far , it's been 100% success. I have not been able to get the CDDB to work so far. Maybe my firewall @ home is to blame??

Ahead Nero version 5 and version 6 has the CD text feature on it for CD title and playlist only (that I am aware of). It can function on either a disc copy or else from .wav files on your disk to the target CDR or CDRW.
Thank you all for the information.

I have been using Easy CD Creator that came with my PC but it doesn't seem to generate CD text from the track names I typed in. I think I am going to get a copy of Nero this weekend.

Thanks again.
I have an extra stand alone recorder.