How To Burn CD's So It Will Play In Sony DVPS9000?

I am currently using Nero and have burned image on to HD then burned on to cd and also converted cd to wav file then burn to cd and have yet to able to get it to play on Sony DVPS9000. I've seen and heard computer CDR's play on it before. Thanks for all comments.
I have the same player. If you look on page 7 of the manual it states it cannot play CD-Rs. I have been told that it will play Sony CD-RWs, but have never tried it. I sent an e-mail to Sony's technical support to find out what media (including brands) would play in their unit. They replied: "We're sorry, your question is beyond the scope of our technical support team." I think their "scope" must be limited to how to play, stop, power on, power off--and maybe some advance features like skipping to a scene.
I'm using an NTI CD maker to burn MP3 files to a CDRW on my Plexwriter 12/10/32S to play on my S9000ES. I never had any luck using a CDR to play on my S9000ES and I tried quite a few.
If the laser isn't calibrated to read the wavelengths reflected by the ink on CD-Rs, there's no way the machine will play them. CD-RW's reflect light in a completely different way, but the wavelength reflected is very similar to CD's, just MUCH lower level. Seems like a big oversight from sony not to include the CDR feature on their machines. Cheers!
I've actually seen a computer CDR go in the DVPS9000 and heard music come out of the speakers though! I told him the DVPS9000 wouldn't play CDR's but he proved me wrong. I was very surprised to say the least. It has been done and I just need to figure how.
Ive had the same question. I would love to buy one of these things and use it as my main CDP as well as DVD.
I cant afford to have a high end cDP and DVD right now and this unit plays cd's wonderfully but w/ no cdr i cant buy it unless i found a way for it to work.
Yes it will play CDR-W's perfectly. I also have a music cd-R from Maxell that was recorded with the EXACT CD copy software (free on the Net)and I can hear Harry Belafonte loud and clear. I have not used this software myself, so I cannot garantee it will work...but cd-rW's, no problem so far !
Just a comment, why are you turning them into WAV files?
That will NEVER work, except in a computer. (as far as I know)
Also using Nero is ok but I use CLONECD and that will make an exact copy. CLONECD copies will play on every music CD player I have ever tried them on. Look for Elaborate Bytes ELBY in Google or CloneCD will get you there too. I bet you will be able to play them....
ADDED: also, check out the lists of "preferred" burners, some burners do extra things that are like DAO96 (whatever?) and they ARE better. I use LiteOn and it works way better than the TDK I have too.)
And of course: use these features only for making backup copies of things you have purchased...
I have tried many CD-R's (black, silver, blue) burned with two quite different burners and none of them work in my Sony DVPS9000. I've also tried various CD-RW's and they work everytime. As said above, for some reason SONY only included a single frequency laser in the 9000, designed for the pit size of DVD/SACD disks (most players even $200 ones usually have dual frequency). The SONY of course can read pressed (precorded) CD's, but CD-R's which have a lower reflectance are beyond it. I have read a few reports of specific CD-R and burner combinations working, although I've never been able to do it.
I rarely try to use CD-Rs in my S9000ES, but the Fujifilm CD-Rs that I use usually work.
I think it depend on which CD burner you use.

My friend has a 5-disc SONY DVD player and it only accept audio CDs from a CD burner and a DVD burner. It will refuse any other CDRs.