How to build your own tube amplifier?


I was wondering if anyone had any sources that they could recomend on building tube amplifiers. Any books or anything on building amps would be very helpful. I would like to attempt building my own amplification. I think that it would be fun...
Your best bet is to first build a time machine and go back to about 1955, when we had Dyna Kit, Eico, and Heathkit, among others. There are outfits today that make and sell tube amp kits. Check this out through Google.
I didn't try it, but it looks interesting.
You don't need to go back to 1955?? Go today, to diyaudio. They have a whole section devoted to DIY tubes. Read this for a few weeks, and you will be full of ideas. Just look at the thread subjects!!

pick up some back issues and/or subscribe to audioxpress magazine. they have diy project plans for amps, as well as other equipment. i first built a simple 12.5 watt tube amp that turned out great. i just swapped all off the generic parts for audiophile-grade parts and now it's amazing. i then built a pair of 100watt triode monoblocks from this mag and they turned out to be incredible. check their website at
if you want to look into the issues that i used, send me an e-mail for more info.
happy building
Here are some links that should provide lot's of useful info:
You could check out
A few years ago I built an amplifier from a kit from Audio Electronic Supply, a division of Cary Audio. It was a great deal of fun and the amplifier sounded wonderful. Go to
What sort of expertise does one need in order to do this. Is it just a matter of following instructions or do you need to be an engineer type person?

For starters, you should read up on Bruce Rozenblit's book "Beginner's guide to tube audio." Following instructions without fully understanding can be deadly and clueless. Not recommended without any prior knowledge as high voltage can kill you.
My wife and I were it Phoenix, Arizona a year or two ago and I happened to stop into Arizona HiFi. I sat for awhile and listened to this little tube amp that they sold as a kit for about $150.00. I don't recall what speakers or CDP they had it hooked up to, but the sound was very, very good and the best part was it only cost $ 150.00. I believe they offer it on their website: For $150.00 it be a good kit to start with. Good Luck!
REview the World Tube Portal Directory; here is the link to Tube Kit suppliers. Some of the links are outdated but many work just fine. Audio Note offers a good price range of kits ranging from a basis 6550 based amp to a parallel 300b SET amplifier.

The Welborne Lab kits are attractive, too, and a good design for the price point.