How to build 2.1 HT?

I have a nice set of mains and a nice subwoofer. My former HT system consisted of a 6 year old Panasonic DVD player (which I won in a contest) with 2 channel output hooked up to a PC 2.1 speaker setup. Believe it or not, this worked really well. Unfortunatly, my Panasonic is dying and needs to be replaced. As you can tell, my HT is not something I put alot of effort into; however, I do have some spare components that may make my future 2.1 HT much better if I can come up with something.

I checked out some regulat stereo receivers but none of the very few that I could find came with a separate sub out which means I have to either attach the sub and mains to the same output or attached the receiver to the sub and then the sub to the mains. I don't think either of these setups will work best with DVD playback. Am I right?

It would be great to find a stereo reciever/amp that had a sub out.

Okay, so I'm finding lots of 5.1 reciever/amps available, some at decent prices. Can these 5.1 receiver/amps be setup for 2.1 playback using the sub out and two mains?

BTW, I would really not like to get a center channel or rear mains. My living is setup in such a way that wiring rear mains would be a major job. I want to keep this as simple as possible.

Sure, the 5.1 receivers you mention can do as you want. You will have to use "Pro-logic", set the center speaker in menu setup to "Phantom" (you won't be hooking up your center or rear speakers) and set the sub speaker in menu setup to "on". I'm doing that in my excersize room with an older Yamaha Pro-logic receiver, and it works great.
Check out the Outlaw RR2150 - 2 channel receiver w/ sub out. Review in last issue of Home Theater with Outlaw sub and Totem Hawks to create a 2.1 HT system.
Wow, that Outlaw receiver sounds nice. The price is a bit high for what I want; nonetheless, it is worth looking into. The Outlaw seems to be a new item which probably means very few are on the used market.