How to bridge 2x BAT VK-55 into monoblocks?

Does anyone know how easy/difficult to bridge two units of VK-55 into monoblocks?

Please assist.
It's pretty easy, I've done it to 2 VK75se's. It's best to order the kit from BAT. You have to take the bottom cover off, a wiring harness connects 2 boards (about a dozen or so hex screws and a plug n play harness - 3 minutes) Then you have to tie the output termials together, again BAT has adapter, either a solder required that's internal or jumpers on the speaker terminals. Jumpers less than 30 seconds, if you're handy with a soldering iron, a few minutes.

Not only will you get a increase in power, but the noise floor will drop, details emerge better, and at the same volume levels will just sound better.

Good luck