How to break in Shunyata Hydra 6 ?

Anyone here got a clue as to whats the best way to break these things in ?
Do they sound good out of the box ?
When breaking in, is it mandatory to plug gears into each of its 6 outlets ?
How long is break in time ?

thanks for inputs --Noli
turn it on and use it for ~100hrs
You can burn in with a fan, refrigerator is better. Yes, they do sound better broken in. Unfortunately, each outlet has to be broken in to some extent, some parts of circuit shared, others not, AC outlets alone benefit from burn in. Burn in is probably somewhere around 100 hours minimum.
the hydras are high current designs, so you would be wise to plug your entire system in, especially amplifiers.
I didn't enjoy the sound of my system with the Hydra 6 prior to break-in. Requires at least 100 hours (as stated above) but it seemed like more according to my memory. Great product once broken in.
A dealer said to use a fan or other mechanical device instead of elctronics to break in.
thanks guys- will do as adviced.
I used a fan for the Hydra 6 as also the V Ray that replaced it. A 100hrs is required. Simply play the music and Njoy. Its only going to get better...LoL
i bought the hydra 8 instead. Out of the box it already sounds good. I can just imagine it getting better as more hours are logged in there.