How to Biwire?

I have a pair of Paradigm Studio 80s that I would like to drive using biwire cables. The Paradigms have two sets of binding posts on the back, one for high, one for low, I guess. Currently, these posts are connected by gold plated jumpers. Do I remove these jumpers when biwiring or leave them in place? Thanks!

Remove the jumpers
To bi-wire, remove them, but try it both ways to see which you prefer.
I have an older pair of Paradigms, in the manual they state that bi-wiring is preferable (for Paradigm speakers). Has this changed, not sure. Anyway, they did sound better, I noticed most the increase in bass.


Yes, remove the jumpers prior to bi-wiring.
It's better to bi-wire how ever it's better to run a single run of high grade wire than running bi-wire with low end wire! I have paradigm speakers for my HT set up and I run single runs of high grade wire with high grade jumper wires instead of the crappy jumpers they give you with speakers. Most people dont run bi-wire to speakers in HT unless you use it for two channel also. I have seperate two channel system which I bi-wire but not HT system. Also cosider better interconnects for sub! Good Luck