How to bid on an item

I have sold and bought a few things over the years and I wanted to post some advice on how to bid on an item you want. First (the person is busy rule), the person posting is probably getting ten to 30 emails on the item. Respect their time and your own time. Second (good deals happen late not early rule) you can get a good deal if the item does not sell but you will rarly get a great price early. Third (popular items sell for asking price or above rule), if you look at the number of views you will get an idea how popular the item is. If you low ball, you have basically no chance if it is a popular item. Also right away someone will have a higher bid and that person will get most of the attention. Fourth (if you annoy, you are ignored rule), if you start anoying the person selling, they likely will sell to another person just to not deal with you. Fifth (understand the market and spot a good deal rule) if you really want something and the price is fair, offer full asking price contingent on pictures or shipping charges or dicussing it with the person just something that allows you to back out if you are not comfortable. This allow you to settle squarly and give you control on the purchase. Most people will not back out even if offered more if you offer the asking price early. Oh and by the way I find most of these rules work with dealing with the opposite sex as well and not jsut buying things. Good luck to future buyers.
great post, Bryan.
Dude, I couldn't have said it better. You should write a book. I have been getting increasingly frustrated with insincere inquiries for my sale items. I wish prospective buyers would be a little more respectful of my time. I always try to offer what I feel are very fair prices for very popular audio pieces. I am sure that others here will not agree with your sentiments. I do, thank you very much.
I read most of it...Steven Covey some to mind.
Yes. Good post. Having lost out on four out of four recently advertised popular items, I concur with the observations.

I'm curious about this, though...and how tips on getting a good deal, low balling, and fair pricing fits?
Oh and by the way I find most of these rules work with dealing with the opposite sex as well and not jsut buying things.
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Don't worry. I'm asking the question with tongue-in-cheek.
I have often waited for the auction to close with no bids. Then I Email my offer.

"Would you accept...$...?"

Works well.
ebay bidding is different

if "buy it now" is reasonable jump on it early

place a low bid initially to spot something
pounce in high with 30 seconds left (with your final dollar in mind) even if the bidding is significantly lower

don't get caught in a bidding war early - it just drives up the cost

thoroughly review the costs (shipping etc)
payment methods (paypal nice, money order pain)

if it's vinyl - make sure if this is original or a reissue

bid on items that end at odd times - early morning, late evening - more chance of getting a good deal

always check feedback

just a few
Thank you for the support follow sellers and buyers.

Maybe we need to put a manual together for Audiogon before you can bid on items. Oh I forgot, men never read manuals so maybe not so good an idea.

For Tvad, the key with the oposite sex is know what you want and know what you are will to pay for it. See, just about the same as audio equipment.
For Tvad, the key with the oposite sex is know what you want and know what you are will to pay for it.
That approach may work. It creeps me out on many levels. Good luck.
I assure you Tvad I was just trying to be a little funny here. My wife certainly would not be laughing, I just hope someone thought is was funny.
I just don't get this thread. You bid on an auction, you make an offer on an ad. If you can't even understand this basic distinction, how can you give advice on buying?

"Audiogon easy a cave man can do it"
Hey, you, I'm a cave man! If we didn't invent the wheel you wouldn't have any of your precious British belt-drive record chewers to coo over.
My favorite bidders are the ones that tender an offer which you accept, then you never hear back from them. What fun!
Viridian I am sure you have lots of friends in the English department.

Definitions of bid on the Web:

offer: propose a payment

Bid price, a price offered for a good by a potential buyer

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If you do not like the advice, don't follow it. I think it is helpful to those that want to buy something.
Here's how NOT to make an offer.

Email the seller and write something like, "Hello. I will buy your X. Please send a total." Then, when the seller promptly responds with the total, don't email back to complete the purchase...or to even send a courtesy acknowledgment of the seller's reply.

I receive these emails all the time. I keep a list of all the fools who have sent me these hide-n-disappear offers. I check the list often when I have items for sale.
Hopefully Tvad, I am not one of them.