How to bias Jolida 502Bbrc?

Got a second hand Jolida 502brc int amp but no owners manual. Can anyone explain how to bias the tubes? Many thanks.
Are you certain it has a manual bias adjustment and is not autobiased?
it has small screws and led lights next to each output tube....
It has easy bias.To use the easy bias you will need a small slotted(flat blade) screwdriver I usually start by turning the screws counter clockwise a dozen times or so before turning on the amp.Then I turn the amp on and let it warm up for 10 minutes or so.After it warms up turn each of the screws until the little red light comes on solid and that's it you are ready to go.If the tubes are new check after the first hour by turning the screws counter clockwise until the light flickers and then back until light is solid again.New tubes should be checked every so often until the settle in but should hold a steady bias after that
so i want to red light on? will it stay on? is that how i tell if its out of bias-the light will go off? thanks alot for the responses.
The red light should stay on for the most part however it my flicker as the power in your home fluctuates.If the light goes out completely you should repeat the bias steps. If it will not stay lit it is possible the tube has gone bad in some way
right on. thanks. would love it if someone could provide a link for an owners manual???