How to bias...

I'm new to tube amps and am looking to bias my Jolida 801. The manual says to go to Radio Shack and buy a voltmeter. Did so, but it has 10 different settings and none of them register anything! Is there a particular voltmeter that I can use and where can I buy one. If at Radio Shack which particular one should I buy? TIA
Dave M
I have a simple RS Pocket Digital Multimeter, stock #22-179A. Works just fine for me - I use it in audio as well as general electrical applications. Its battery operated and easy to use. It has two basic settings - one for AC and the other for DC.
If you boght already arrow-voltmeter, than you should clearly know what range you're measuring otherwise you will get either overscaling or no arrow motion.
Please review every range and scale on the voltmeter before measuring voltage.
Easiest to use is an auto-ranging digital meter, less than $50. You want to use the DC voltage setting. The manual should tell you how to do this. Maybe the guy at RS will know but I doubt it. Be careful. If you ask he will try to sell you a cell phone.