How to bi-wire speakers?

I own a B&K ST-202 with a Pro 10MC pre-amp. I would like to know how I can biwire a pair of speakers cheaply? Could I run two sets of regular speaker wire to each speaker? Or do I need to buy "speacial" cables? The speakers that I am considering to bi-wire are Alon II or Vandersteen 2ce.

Your help is appreciated.
Good choice on amp and speakers, I own B&K M-200's and Dahlquist's, anyway, you can run either two separate cables like I do (pair for mids/tweets and a pair for the woofs),or you can get internal bi-wire which is terminated two leads at the amp and four leads at the speakers. My amps had provisions for an extra set of output posts, so I installed them (myself) and it made life with hooking up my Cardas cables much easier, otherwise you must stack separate runs on single posts at the amps which can be a pain in the but with some cheaper posts.