How to bi-wire a nad amp help needed please

I have a NAD 3020 amp, arcam alpha 7 cd player and a nice shiney pair of B&w 603 Speakers. My question is can I bi-wire the speakers to the 3020 or am I likley to damage somthing. If this is possable how do do this.

Any help would be appreciated many thanks in advance

Biwiring is no problem. It really can't hurt the amp in anyway. The amp doesn't see a different load when you biwire. You can buy a set of biwire cables. They have one positive negative connection on the amp end and two positive negative connections on the speaker end. You can also use two complete sets of cables and run both back to the same positive/negative terminals of the amplifier. Depends on what your cable situation is.
I've never had the 'NADs to biwire.........