How to best isolate TT from vibration?

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I'm currently using a Systemdek IIX table, which has a floating suspension system. I have it on a Atlantis Reference rack, but have replaced the top shelf with a 18" x 18" x 2" brick paver, and use (8) Vibrapod 4's under the table itself to prevent vibration. I still suffer from some skipping unless I walk ever so softly in my music room, most noticably at the beginning of an LP. I'm looking for input regarding what you fine members consider to be the best, but yet economical, methods of isolating this table and nixing this problem. Thanks,

After trying several changes to mass loading of platforms, mass loading of floor, isoltaors and etc. (some success but not SUCCESS). My final solution was 30 foot long interconnects to get the turntable in a more optimal location. Would have done the wall mount thing if I could have made it work with my room. You will find variance in opinion about whether long ic's between a phono amp and pre-amp are a great idea, but it is something that worked for me. Thanks to one of the agoners, I found an ic that I enjoy for US 200.00 ish so it is sort of economical.
Yo Musicseller,

Dump the 'dek and buy a SOTA...then you can do jumping jacks in your living room while listening to the first track on your records.

Otherwise invest in a Bright Star AirMass isolation platform ( You can build your own using an inner tube from a wheelbarrow tire and some plywood or MDF. By experimenting with the air pressure and mass (weight), you can tune out the 1-3 hz. resonant frequency of the floor.
Thanks for all your input so far. Unfortunately there are some issues I cannot get around, or maybe don't choose to. I can't wall mount it, so that's out of the question. Vibrapod 1's or 2's don't support a TT this heavy and I don't want a Sota. In truth, switching from the standard top that goes with the Atlantis rack to the brick paver helped, as did the Vibrapod 4's; just not enough to make things worry-free. I may have to partially take the advice of Audiopath and "dump the Dek", but I'd just have to find a TT I like better. The XII, other than this quirk, is a fine sounding table and I'd hate to give it up if I can solve this annoying little problem. I had a Clearaudio Emotion, but sold that in relative haste because it was a pain in its own right, and I had a Nottingham Horizon that I used as a demo when I had my shop. I may go back to a Horizon. It was a good sounding, solid and very basic table. With the Incognito Option, or a totally different arm it may be worth reinvestigating. Thanks for all your input.
if you have a 'flexible floor' and the tt is on a rack on that floor, you will not be able to eliminate the 'foot-fall' matter what you you will have to live with that issue.

OTOH you can eliminate the other vibration causing problems (both air-born and floor music feedback as well as earth tremors) by using the same product electron microscopes use to eliminate vibrations......the Halcyonics vibration table. it makes all other vibration control systems look like toys.

unfortunately it costs around $8k.....but it does the job.

i have tried it. it is.......

the real deal
Try hanging it from the ceiling. I have and it works great.

Bob P.