How to avoid Kmixer

Hi, is there any solution to avoid Kmixer without having to give up on using Apple Lossles in iTunes or a PC?

This is my digital source:
- PC (Windows XP)
- Burn with EAC, import into iTunes in Apple Lossless
- Remote control via bluetooth with Salling Clicker on Palm TX
- Wavelength Audio Brick USB DAC

I donĀ“t want to give up on using iTunes (Apple Lossless format) for PC or the USB DAC.

I am thinking the only solution is buying a Mac and problem solved. Any other suggestions?
I'm a Unix/Mac guy, so I'll seek other people's confirmation but my understanding is that Vista does a reasonably good job at transferring the raw digital data. Maybe upgrading to Vista (providing that your hardware and applications are up to the task) would represent the simplest solution?

Excuse me if you already know this, but, this subject is covered in depth at Audio Assylum- under Digital PC Audio.
You may also want to check out Wavelength Audio's new USB DAC website at

After researching this, I came to the conclusion of buying a Mac.
The only way to avoid it with iTunes and XP is to transmit it wirelessly to an Airport Express. Since the brick has only a USB input and the AE only an optical output you would have to convert it.

You will be amazed how much better your current set up will sound without Kmixer. You absolutely have to avoid using it.
Herman is correct, AirPort Express is the only way to use iTunes with a PC. The problem is that the output is very jittery and it does not take advantage of the USB interface on your Wavelength DAC. MAC is the best solution for you to use USB and iTunes.

AirPort Express can be world-class too, with addition of a reclocker called the PAce-Car.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio

I stated it was the only with a PC and XP, is it the only way if using Vista?
AirPort Express is the only way to use iTunes with a PC

I'm confused by the responses here. In XP, you can bypass kmixer for a device simply by going into Control Panel and unchecking the box to map through the device. Does this change when you use iTunes? You can't use iTunes with a USB device, even the Turbo-2? Or is it because XP doesn't see the Brick as an audio device that can be unmapped?
My first line of my last post was meant to be a copy of a quote from Audioengr, not my statement.
I have a Wavelength Audio Brick and an iMac, which I just got. I have burned most of my CDs on a PC. Would I get better sound if I burned these over again with the iMac? Or is Kmixer just a problem for playback?

Kmixer is just a playback problem. No need to rerip unless you didn't use software that does bit perfect ripping.
Try Benchmark DAC1 USB.