How to apply DensoDamp to Michell Gyro SE?

I want to try dampening my Gyro SE but not sure how to proceed.I would appreciate a step by step instructions.I have 2 bars of DensoDamp.How much to apply?How easy is it to take it off if i don't like sonic results?Any help would be appreciated.Thanks a lot!
You're going to like it. Thin layer tapering up the sides. Use your fingers to press into the edges. Keep a bowl of water on the table, and keep your fingers wet. Look at the pic that came with it. Use ALL the stuff. If you run out, you can go back and "steal" some from the areas that you used too much on. Be sure to do the underside of the armboard area.
I did it five months ago, and it still is tacky. I guess I thought it would dry; but it doesn't; so the sonic effect you get ten minutes after completion is the sonic effect you'll have perpetually.
I guess its reversible; but like I said, you'll like it.
Hi, doing a search on denso damp will reveal a detailed set of directions from Michell.