How to adjust EZ Bias Jolida 302 BRC

Hello, Does anyone know how to adjust the easy bias on a 302 BRC? It is the one that has the silk screened logo on the front, not the gold badge. Did not come with a manual or any instructions at all. I had this sitting in storage for a couple years after purchasing it new here on Audiogon. Pulled it out to use on a computer system and cannot remember if i remove the inputs and/or speaker outputs to make the adjustments.
Thanks in advance if anyone knows how to properly do this!
Disconnect input gear and always leave speakers connected when biasing. If it hasn't been biased by you in the past or if you've changed any tubes, back off the bias screws just an 1/8 of a turn or so (counter clockwise) when you power it up and let it warm up for 5 minutes.

You'll need to look on the web to see what the bias setting is for that amp.

I set the bias after 5 minutes and check it again after 15 minutes and then again after an hour if the amp has been idle for long periods or if I've changed output tubes.
Thanks Montytx! Appreciate the instructions. Hopefully i will have time soon to go play with the thing!
Call Jolida - they will tell you and send you the manual.