How to add links or shrink a quote in your post?

I've seen it mentioned but cannot remember where. How does one add a link to their post in these forurms or add someone's quote in the shrunken text form I see here? Thanks
Damn it!
Now I'm just making a fool of myself.
I'll try one more time...

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a link to the "how to" directions that Tvad inserted are always shown immediately below the "your response" window. If you forget - just click on the link.
Veni,Vidi,Velcro ... I came,I saw,I stuck around
So that's how you do that ...

Thanks Dave
Thank you Tvad and Bdgregory. It was right under my nose.
[So that's how you do that...] [So that's how you do that.../]

I hope I did that right...
So that's how you do that ...

How embarassing! I obviously misread the instructions.

I'll quietly slink away now......