How to add another set of speakers to a traditional 2 channel set up.

I'm moving into a new house and need 3 sets of speakers.  I'm currently running a pair of tekton lores, a pair of cambridge audio bookshelves, and a SVS 12 in subwoofer being powered by a Rotel RX 1052 which has a tradional on board A and B speaker selector.  My challenge is for my new living situation I want to add another set of speakers for the patio but still run everything through the Rotel.  I know there are speaker selectors but that seems like it could compromise sound quality.  I'm looking for a solution that won't compromise sound quality and keep all speakers sounding clean and together.  Let me know of best ideas.  Thanks
You can run 2 pairs of speakers if the speakers don't go below 4 ohms. Hooking up a 3rd pair might make the impedance too low for the amp to handle, when wired in parallel. You can hook up a third pair in series but you might run out of power to drive the loudspeakers properly. Or you can add a stereo amp and drive it from the Rotel.

@slasher20 - I took a look at the  Rotel RX 1052 website and it says this receiver has A&B speaker connections, but it is also has 3 zone capabilities. You can connect additional 2-channel amplifiers to the additional zones and add additional pairs of speakers. Take a look at the 3 zone capabilities in the manual. If you don't have the manual, you can download it at the product's website.

If you still have questions after reading the manual, you might want to contact Rotel for additional information. But the good news is that your receiver is more than capable of supporting 3 pairs of speakers.