How to adapt Elicit-r to your needs?

Hello to all.
After a long and exhausting search for components for my FIRST hi-fi system, my choice fell on the Kef Q550 speakers and on the Rega Elicit-r amplifier. Unfortunately, I must note that the amp Rega is badly suited to my needs. I would basically listen to streaming music (Tidal ...) and on my smartphone I stored almost 40 Gb of mp3 music (almost all Springsteen bootleg that is not found on streaming music services), so I would also need Bluetooth connectivity. Turning Rega into a digital machine seems to me a very difficult mission: it has no digital inputs, it has no USB, it has no Bluetooth, it doesn't even have a Dac. I ask you who are very experienced (I am a child who is learning to walk) to help me find the right solutions that do not require heavy financial costs. Or maybe I'll have to surrender to fall back on another amplifier?
Sounds to me like you need a bluetooth receiver. The bluetooth receiver will typically have analog outputs that you can connect to any unused analog input on your integrated amp.

Bluetooth receivers can be very inexpensive. You can probably get a cheap one for $20 on Amazon. Or you can get a very good bluetooth receiver, such as the outstanding Auris BluMe for $119. I own the BluMe and it is far superior to the previous 2 bluetooth receivers that I owned. The internal DAC is pretty good and it has a toslink digital output in case you want to use it with a higher quality external DAC (which I do).

If you need more digital connections, you'll need to purchase a DAC that has the digital connections you need. You may be able to find a relatively inexpensive DAC that had all of the digital connections you need, plus a bluetooth receiver, all in one box.

Good luck. The Rega Elicit-R is a great sounding analog integrated amp. 
I would add a Bluesound Node 2i which will give you streaming as well as Bluetooth, airplay etc - it'll work great in the context of your system.

I wouldn't personally buy an amp/dac/streamer together as digital is moving too fast - better to have a good analogue only integrated like you already have and add a relatively inexpensive streamer that can easily be changed or upgraded at a later point in time.
OP, I mis-read your post and missed that you said you stream Tidal, as well as listen to Bootlegs from your phone. Since you need streaming and Bluetooth, I would also recommend the Bluesound Node 2i. It is nearly the de facto standard for affordable streamers.

I also agree with @audiojedi that it may not be a good idea to have your digital integrated into you amp as digital is changing so quickly you could soon have obsolete technology in you amp.