How to access power amp section of integrated amp

Hello experts,

Is it possible to connect a surround processor's pre-outs to the power amp section of an integrated amp? If possible, could you recommend some integrated amps for a pair of Vandersteen 2Ce Sigs?

My goal is this:

For 2 channel music, connect CD player ==> Intgrated ==> Speakers. No other sources will be connected to the integrated amp.

For movies and home theater stuff, connect DVD Player (or other sources) ==> surround processor (use preouts)==> power amp section of integrated ==> Speakers.

Thanks for the responses. If I were to connect the pre/pro to the integrated amp (as a source, e.g. aux), what configuration changes do I need to make in the pre/pro (or the integrated amp) to make this work? I wasn't sure what to do when Vett93 stated "adjust the surround processor to match the volume of all speakers".

I was assuming you have surround and center speakers. If you do, you need to adjust the L/R speakers to have the same sound level/sensitivity as the rest. If you don't, then you are set, no need to adjust the surround processor.