How to access power amp section of integrated amp

Hello experts,

Is it possible to connect a surround processor's pre-outs to the power amp section of an integrated amp? If possible, could you recommend some integrated amps for a pair of Vandersteen 2Ce Sigs?

My goal is this:

For 2 channel music, connect CD player ==> Intgrated ==> Speakers. No other sources will be connected to the integrated amp.

For movies and home theater stuff, connect DVD Player (or other sources) ==> surround processor (use preouts)==> power amp section of integrated ==> Speakers.

I have a Plinius 8200 MKII driving 2Ce Signatures, and I'm pretty sure it's capable of this.

You may want to check the manual online to make sure...
You really don't need to access the power amp section directly. Just set the volume control of the integrated amp somewhere and then adjust the surround processor to match the volume of all speakers.

My other preamp, a BAT VK-3iX, has a HT mode. It just sets the volume control to have unit gains. I am using the Dude preamp from TRL now. I just adjusted the Dude's volume control so that all speakers have the same volume.
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Thanks for the responses. If I were to connect the pre/pro to the integrated amp (as a source, e.g. aux), what configuration changes do I need to make in the pre/pro (or the integrated amp) to make this work? I wasn't sure what to do when Vett93 stated "adjust the surround processor to match the volume of all speakers".

I was assuming you have surround and center speakers. If you do, you need to adjust the L/R speakers to have the same sound level/sensitivity as the rest. If you don't, then you are set, no need to adjust the surround processor.
Thank you Vett93. It's clear now.