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HI to all,
Is there any "logical" way to use one amp for music and another for surround sound with the SAME speakers?.
Im trying to configure a solid state system to be used as a cinema sound and other "tube" system to be used as a music system, BUT with just one pair of speakers. Using a switch box suppose it is not the ideal solution because could quality lost, and connecting two pairs of speaker cables (that comes one from each power amplifier) to the same speaker sounds not too good.
Your comments will be apreciated.
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Do not hook up 2 amps the same speaker w/o a switching box. Some of our techies can explain why, but it should not be done,
I keep 2 pairs of ic's in place. They are different brands,so one pair for HT out of the processor's 'fronts'.one pair out of my pre,for 2ch. My amps are on the floor so switching is easy.
The thing that would make the most sense to me would be to use a decent tube preamp in the HT bypass loop for your music sources. That way, you could have tubes in the signal path at the push of a button.

With two pairs of amps there's not a real easy way to avoid a lot of clutter, and some switching issues...
Thanks to all for your responses. PLATO, sorry but how can I do that? do you mean that I can connect my cd player to a tube preamp and then conect that preamp to one of the imputs in my HT preamp? if this is correct, Im not adding distortion to the sound? thanks and sorry if this question sounds silly but need to clarify.
Jorsan, no, you connect the LT/RT front outputs from your HT preamp to one of the inputs on your tube preamp. Then the outputs from the tube pre go direct to power amp. This works best if tube pre has an HT bypass, but if not, set the tube pre at a set level, such as 12 o'clock and calibrate your HT system as usual. This setting is easy to remember. Now connect your CD player to the tube preamp. When listening to CD's, leave the HT pre off, and use just the tube pre. (make sure and turn the volume down first!).
Thanks JDcrox for your help. Happy holidays