How tall are Spica Gravity stands for TC-60's?

How tall are Spica Gravity stands for TC-60's?
Hello Unsound
Not quite what you asked. But I don't use the gravity stands so I don't know. The stands I use are 24" sand filled 4" oval post 12" base and 10" top. The tweeter sits a about 2" above my ear. That is better for me than at ear level.
The stands are 26".
Marqmike, Try angling your Spicas and stands so the point midway between the tweeter and woofer are aimed at the level of your ears. I use a drafting "T" positioned between the woofer and tweeter with a laser. Angle the speaker until the laser points at the proper level.
Thanks Rrog
I appreciate the info. I will try that as I do have a drafting 't'(my wife's). I have had these ever since they came out (17yrs ago?) for one of my systems and I can't seem to find anything to replace them for most of the music I listen to and they sound as good now as they ever have. Thanks again Rrog.