How strong is the NAD M15 2 channel performance?

To those who have owned and/or used the M15 (non HD version), I have a couple questions. How good of a 2 channel preamp is it? How good is the DAC section?

Is it on par with something like the Adcom GFP-750 or a Parasound P3? I've considered the Monarchy NM24 with a Placette RVC (I need a remote), but that is just beyond my budget at this point.

I'm using a Coda 10 amp. Any suggestions of a preamp that pairs well with the Coda? Your thoughts and opinions are appreciated.

I am using an M15 to feed my Rowland Model 1. For two channel stereo I use the 7.1 inputs which completely bypass all the internal processing of the M15. In the mode the sound quality is outstanding. Very neutral with width and depth to the sound stage. I routinely hear sound that seems to be coming from the far corners of my room.

Used as a DAC it is still good, but a bit warmer. I may experiment with digital cables to improve this.

The innersound right here should be fine $1200 pretty unbeatable price.