How Strict is Harbeth on Damaged Outgoing QC Seal

How strict is Harbeth in regards to voiding their warranty when an Outgoing QC Seal on one of their speaker boxes has been disturbed? Can anyone clarify or speak from experience as to whether Harbeth will honor their warranty?

I just took delivery as original purchaser of a pair of Compact 7ES-3s from an authorized dealer. The speakers were purchased back on 2/21/2012, but didn't arrive to the dealer until 4/4/2012. On one of the boxes, the Outgoing QC Seal has been torn and is partially missing. The QC Seal is intact on the other box, and it clearly states "Warranty Void If This Seal Is Disturbed." Both boxes are unopened.

If I keep the speakers, am I essentially volunteering to walk away from the product warranty, because the sales clerk damaged the QC Seal while removing the inner speaker box from the outer shipping box?

A strict reading of the QC Seal explicitly means that the speakers are DOA if the seal is disturbed. Is Harbeth policy really that draconian? If so, the speakers are clearly DOA.

Again, can anyone clarify? Thanks!
is this a seal you have to break to get the speaker out of the box or is it on the speaker itself? Did you notify dealer and Harbeth?
I would ask Harbeth myself.

I think it is on the dealer to make sure it arrives safely.
I don't get it either. If the seal is on the box and must be removed to get the speaker out then no speaker would have a warranty. Can you clarify your question?
> is this a seal you have to break to get
> the speaker out of the box...?

The seal is on the side of the shipping box that you don't open. Apparently, you're supposed to open the side that "faces up" and the QC Seal is on one of the short sides with the product ID sticker.

The shop manager is back tomorrow. I'll follow-up with the group based on how the conversation goes...
The seal may have been broken by customs.
They do whatever they want to inspect items entering the country.
That is probably why the seal was split.
So, if you decide later to throw out the boxes, you are essentially voiding the warrantee? Something does not sound right?
Called the dealer, Hawthorne Stereo, who said they would honor the warranty, and that any warranty claim would go through them initially anyway, and that they would stand by the product. Can't really complain about that.

At the same time, I would need to register the speakers as per Harbeth's Web Site:

Harbeth's Warranty Registration Requirements

The first owner assuming that the owner registers the speaker in the original country that we sold them into e.g. if Harbeth UK sold them to country A but the end user is in country B then they cannot be Registered for Warranty

They are registered within 7 days of purchase

They were manufactured no more than 180 days prior to Registration

All Registration information is completed correctly, truthfully and in full. Information about the dealer's name, sales ticket number etc. will be validated as correct

The speaker has not been opened or modified in any way

All external and internal unique identifying marks (incl. serial numbers) are intact, legible and are valid and true

The speakers were purchased through a current Official Harbeth Retailer listed on the Harbeth website at the date of purchase.