How should I upgrade my Jolida 302B?

Hi all,

With much advice from people here, I bought a setup last year of the following all new from Underwood:

Jolida 302
Music Hall 25.2 CDP
Quad 21.L2

I am thinking about an upgrade. My living room is not huge (maybe 22 by 12) and I've been pretty happy with the speakers (apart from the thread on the spikes which all popped off within two months!).

What ideas do y'all have for upgrading my receiver? I know many companies offer modifications for the Jolida 302. That is one of the reasons I went with it compared to others (Primaluna, Rogue, PS Audio, etc). It seems like the Jolida is a solid workhouse that I hope to get many years of enjoyment from. However, I don't have any reference to compare the various upgrades available.

Some things I know I would like are a little more punch in the bass and maybe a little richer tone on my jazz and female vocal recordings.

Any ideas would be very much appreciated!!!!
Send your 25.2 to either partsconnexion or underwood. It is unreal how much better it will be after the mods.
Why would you recommend upgrading the CDP rather than the amp? Has anyone else on the board had any experience upgrading Jolida amps?
Response audio has been selling and modifying Jolida for a long time. I currently have one of his 502b-rc amps with platinum upgrades. It is an excellent value and the sound is just great. Fast, detailed, great bass, and the midrange is sublime. I also had an 802b with the platnum upgrade for a short while. The extra power was great but the 502 won out in my system. Modified gear done right by reputable companies is a great value, but keep in mind in resale you aren't going to get a good return on your investment.