How should I ship these babies?

Just sold two massive subs. Have the boxes. 100lbs each. When I purchased them, they were drop shipped from James Loudspeakers. I received them on a palette, both speakers bound together. James prefers to ship this way. They say they are handled better. I live on Long Island and am shipping to Texas. I can use your help. First hand or reliable second hand experience: please. thanks in advance, warren.
Pack them up and put them back on the pallets if you can. Have Bax Global move them for you, but I don't think they pick up from residential addresses. You may need to take them to work with you, or drop them off at Bax near you.
Hi WarrenH,

I just had an experience of shipping a 98# amp from PA to CA and back without incident. The key is to double box it in a box that is double walled and to get it there as fast as possible, in my case it was three days.

I'll send you a PM to give you more details.

Via a trucking co. like BAX Global.


I like ABF freight. Do a google search and see the web can then see the location with phone no. nearest to you. If you can get them to the dock...they will palette and wrap them together. They are pretty reasonable for cost too, but it goes by weight, size and destination of course.

Bax will pick up and deliver, but usually only from a business, they dont like to do residence delivery. You can call yourself and your buyer a "audio business" and they will usually be okay with that.
It is best to separate the two subs. It will keep the weight down and give you more options to choose which shipping service (UPS, FedEx, etc.) to use. I have taken a pallet and cut it in half and used it to ship heavy delicate items. It will keep the weight down and minimize damage. Shrink wrap items to the pallet and double box if possible. At this time of year business is booming for shippers and the priority is to get the packages to your door on time not in what condition.
Warren you need to ship them on a palette and have the whole of it wrapped in shrink wrap. I shipped a pair of Servo 15's from Kentucky to L.A. in this mannner with no problem. Fed Ex has a freight line I have used as well as Conway both have excellent handling facilities. For you the biggest problem is getting them to the depot as Kehut said, residential pickup would be tough to make happen...and then what about the shrink wrap. Tom
Dayton Freight did a nice job for me. They delivered speakers (160 lbs each) to my house and I later shipped them out from my house just fine. The speakers were delivered to their new destination fine. They were double boxed. They each had a small pallet on the bottom connected to the bottom of the box and I used adjustable shipping straps to strongly secure them to the pallets(got the straps at Home Depot and they work great). So if you still have the pallet and can do it, you may want to cut it in half as suggested above, get the shipping straps from home depot, secure each sub to each half of the pallet and use a freight carrier like Dayton Freight to pick them up at your house. Bax Global does not do residential pick ups.
Dayton does not ship to the areas I'm interested. But thanks. The bottom line: looks like it (though a bit more expensive) will be UPS. The least problematic for residential to residential since that be what we are dealing with, here. with insurance we're talking $260. Not too bad...
I've used BAX for larger poundage than that & had them picked up at a friends' business & they delivered to the buyers residence.
Well, after doing oodles of homework, cheaper is not necessarily better as you all know. Also, many shipping companies do not have a track record that I'm familiar with. Also these babies are ridiculously heavy, and getting them to a friend's business is problematic and labor (and time)intensive. Also, the buyer wants delivery to his home. So? UPS it is. I have had perfect experience with UPS over the years. It is going to be a bit pricey: $270, includes insurance, pick up at my door (very good thing)and delivery to the buyers door. Thanks for your tips guys.
peace, warren
Had good luck with Bax.They came from Merlin to my house.No problem like that[Nov 04],good luck,Bob