How should I set up my system?

My system is set up in my 12x10 apartment bedroom like this
4 c] 1.left spkr
--] 1a] 2.right spkr
] ]
] 5 ]---] 3 ] 4.door
] ] ] ] 5.sitting position
] ] b ] 2 ] 6.stereo
] ] ] 6c] a.radiator
]-----------------------] b.bed
d.seperate powerline

there are windows and a radiator about 18" behind my speakers. I sit about 8ft from the speakers. The speakers are toed in so the tweeters would meet about a foot in front of me. There is also a 4' tall cabinet to the left of the left speaker. The sound is ok. The stereo image is above the stereo and fills the width of the room. The problem is the cabinet limits the soundstage and the narrowness of the room sometimes causes the sound to bounce off the walls and make it sound hard/brighter. I was thinking of reconfiguring it like this:
4 1 2 6 ]
--] a]
] ]
] ]---] 3 ]
] ] ] ]
] ] b ] ]
] 5 ] ] c]

May benefit from wider soundstage, less reflections from walls. Negatives; may be too far from powerline, too close to back wall. I tried something similair a few months ago with speakers closer to each other, and tv on same side as speakers but didnt like it. I felt I was too close. Any suggestions. You guys have been very helpful in the past. Thanks!

Maybe try this out?

1-2]]] ---- BMS
3-4] -- STD
5-6]] - P/U S
7-8]]]] ----- DBL
9-10]]]]] --- aBFH
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