How should I rewire my RB700?

Good people of Audiogon: While attempting to install a new cartridge the other day, I somehow managed to snap one of the wires coming out of the tonearm tconnects to the cartridge. While I was not happy about this at first, after doing some research, I learned that there can be quite a benefit to upgrading the wiring in the my tonearm. But, as with most areas of hifi, there seems to be lots of different opinions about which way to go, and I am struggling to determine which way is the right way. Right now I am leaning toward doing the Incognito rewiring kit, as I've been told that there is a real benefit to having one wire going from the cartridge tag to the phono plug. I'm thinking about sending my arm to brit audio for the installation, as I am admittedly not handy at all, and people seem to be very happy with his work. The total cost would be around $300, which is in the area of what I feel like spending.

But others have said that the cardas wire (used in the Incognito kit) is not the greatest quality. I've heard that audionote is significantly better quality than cardas, but it's of course more expensive, and the only person I have found to install it, charges $250 to do the install (almost 3 times as much as britaudio charges to do the incognito!). So the total cost of installing the audionote wiring on by arm would be around $700 -- over twice as much as the Incognito.

Of course there are a plethora of other upgrades I'd like to do, such as swapping out the subplatter and platter (I've already put the michell tecnoweight on). I'm also interested in modifying my 834P, as many have raved about the benefits of doing so. So, with all that background, I'm trying to evaluate what direction to go in with the rewiring project, understanding that the more I spend on this upgrade, the the more I'll have to wait to do other upgrades.

My listening tastes are fairly eclectic, though I probably listen to more jazz than anything else. I do tend to like things a little on the warm side.

My system is as follows:

Amp: Leben 300X
Phono Stage: EAR 834P
Speakers: Devore Super 8
Turntable: Rega P5
Cartridge: Denon 103R

All of your expert advice is greatly appreciated.
Discovery Cable offers a total rewire (cart. clips to RCA's or XLR's) for $250.00+shipping. You should check them out. There wire is used in the Triplanar and Durand tonearms.
The Discovery rewire sounds like a good option. I haven't heard this cable, but lots of folks swear it's better than the Cardas litz in the Incognito. However, that said, I was very happy with an Incognito. I never considered it a substandard upgrade. For what it's worth, Brit Audio (Teatime66) used to offer a $139 rewire option (cartridge clips to RCA) using the same Cardas wire that's in the Incognito. That could save you a boatload of money and allow you to do other upgrades.
Thanks a lot Discojoe and Mingles. I will check out the Discovery option, but it seems like I can't really go wrong with the Incognito as well. Appreciate the info!