How should I price my Pro-Ject turntable for sale?

Hi Everyone,

New to the forum. I have a Pro-Ject 1-Xpression (2006) 9c Cardon tonearm, with a few upgrades: Goldring 1042 (about 200 hours on it), 4ft Supra cables & EFF RCA connects, Pro-ject acrylic platter & a record clamp ($50). Unit is in great shape and just had it set up at Audio Element in Pasadena a few months back. What would you recommend listing it for? Thank you.
Tot up the cost of all the bits and divide by two.

What noromance said and here's a good place, to sell it:
14 year old entry level table.

Be thankful if you get 40% of MSRP, maybe a little more including the other stuff.
Thanks noro & rodman, that's helpful. I just listed it.